The Hotel

Hotel Oberthaler Sappada - esterno Relaxation, elegance, culture and attention to details will be the four essential elements of  your stay at Oberthaler Park. A pleasant time of vacation to relax in a calm and sunny place, to delight in breathtaking views and to make the most of every opportunity of Comelico’s nature and culture.

The Oberthaler Park has been in operation since the 1930s and has welcomed leading figures of the national as well as the international cultural world, such as Luciano Fabbro, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Luisa Protti, and the president of Italian editors Giancarla Mursia. We are honoured to remember that in the 50s our hotel hosted the then-cardinal and patriarch of Venice Giovanni Battista Roncalli, every summer until his election as Pope John XXIII in 1958.

Il futuro Papa in visita

The patriarch of Venice Giovanni Battista Roncalli, future Pope John XXIII, visiting Sappada.


The hotel occupies an ideal position in the heart of Sappada. It is situated on a side street 15 meters from the main road, gently going down towards the valley. This will provide our guests with a peaceful stay, far from the noise of the city and at the same time close to the vibrant life of the village, with its shops, bars and the ski school. Grazing lands, forests and wonderful peaks that surround Sappada are the main strong points of the landscape of Comelico.

The hotel Oberthaler Park’s hall and the wide rooms for receptions are only few steps away from the main street. During winter, the snow-covered garden is the perfect point of departure for the ski slopes and cross-country skiing. During summer, you will enjoy a vista from the fields towards the woods and the mountain peaks against the blue sky. The hotel’s rooms are bright and sun-exposed, warm and comfortable in winter, fresh and relaxing in summer.

hotel oberthaler sappada libreria

We take care of every detail to ensure you the best comfort. The Oberthaler Park hotel offers you an exclusive wellness area with sauna, steam bath and the traditional hay bath. Our fine dining restaurant is another flagship of the hotel: products are carefully selected and of the best quality, every day we offer you a unique specialty from the traditional cuisine of Comelico and the alpine area.

Last but not least, the Oberthaler Park hotel would like to be a cultural experience for its guests. We believe a holiday should be an opportunity to revive body, mind and spirit. Among the beauty of nature, our guests can enjoy art and culture. The hotel hall is furnished with books at guests’ complete disposal, providing literature as well as history and contemporary arts books. On the surrounding walls, you will be able to appreciate the permanent expositions of contemporary and past painters.